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Supplementary Materials

The PDF file includes:

  • Section S1. Crystallographic relationship between mAra and aragonite
  • Fig. S1. Sample collection sites.
  • Fig. S2. The EDT measured hydromagnesite grain from the drip water sample.
  • Fig. S3. Magnesite coexisting with mAra in the sample collected from the surface of the aragonite flowstone.
  • Fig. S4. Chemical analysis of the mAra crystal measured by EDT (Fig. 3) indicates ~2 at % Mg.
  • Fig. S5. Satellite reflections of the SAED patterns (2 and 3 of Fig. 2) can be indexed with the mAra (monoclinic-6) unit cell.
  • Table S1. Summary of EDT data for hydromagnesite and mAra.
  • Table S2. Summary of structure refinements of hydromagnesite and mAra.
  • Table S3. EDT-measured and SHELXL-refined hydromagnesite atomic coordinates (x1, y1, z1) versus literature data (x2, y2, z3) of (30).
  • Table S4. Atomic coordinates and equivalent isotropic displacement parameters (Uiso in Å2) for the ab initio determined, missing-atoms (x1, y1, z1, Uiso1) and all-atoms refined (x1, y1, z1, Uiso2) mAra structures.
  • Table S5. Ca–O bond distances (in angstrom units) for the all-atoms refined mAra structure.
  • Legends for data files S1 to S5

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Data file S1. (Hydromagnesite.cif) cif file of the measured hydromagnesite.
  • Data file S2. (Hydromagnesite.hkl) hkl file of the measured hydromagnesite.
  • Data file S3. (Missing-atoms mAra.cif) cif file of the missing-atoms mAra.
  • Data file S4. (All-atoms mAra.cif) cif file of the all-atoms mAra.
  • Data file S5. (mAra.hkl) hkl file of the measured mAra.

Files in this Data Supplement: