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  • Fig. S1. PL imaging during the SEMD process.
  • Fig. S2. In situ effect of solvent immersion on the grown WSe2 monolayer.
  • Fig. S3. Effect of the SEMD process on the WSe2 monolayer grown on sapphire.
  • Fig. S4. Different solvents on the SEMD of the as-grown WSe2 monolayer.
  • Fig. S5. TEM diffraction patterns of the WSe2 monolayer.
  • Fig. S6. Effect of solvent evaporation process on the exfoliated WSe2 monolayer.
  • Fig. S7. Stability of the grown WSe2 monolayer after the SEMD process.
  • Fig. S8. Radiative decay curve for different WSe2 monolayer samples.

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