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  • Section S1. Diversity and degree equivalence
  • Section S2. Relationship between the ECI and PCI
  • Section S3. Interpretation of ECI as a diffusion map and relationships to correspondence analysis and kernel principal component analysis
  • Section S4. ECI and PCI rankings for regional data
  • Section S5. Eigengap heuristic analysis
  • Section S6. Robustness of empirical results to alternative RCA thresholds
  • Fig. S1. Application of diffusion map interpretation to country export data.
  • Fig. S2. Top largest eigenvalues of the M~ matrix for data on exports, U.K. regional industrial concentrations, and U.S. state occupational concentrations.
  • Fig. S3. Robustness of ECI versus GDP/cap relationship to varying the RCA export threshold.
  • Fig. S4. Country-product M matrix with rows sorted by the ECI and columns sorted by the PCI constructed using different RCA thresholds.
  • Fig. S5. Robustness of ECI versus GDP/cap relationship to varying the RCA per-capita threshold.
  • Table S1. Top and bottom 10 U.K. local authorities ranked by ECI.
  • Table S2. Top and bottom 10 industries ranked by PCI.
  • Table S3. Top and bottom 10 U.S. states ranked by ECI.
  • Table S4. Top and bottom 10 occupations ranked by PCI.
  • References (3335)

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