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  • Fig. S1. The neonatal line in the paracone of M1 and the 10 days of long-period line periodicity detected in M2.
  • Fig. S2. A profile of the cross-matching of the accentuated perikymata and LEH across all the Xujiayao teeth and the sagittal sections to show the root length.
  • Table S1. Results measured or calculated by two sets of authors independently.
  • Table S2. The total perikymata number and percentage of perikymata in the cervical half in Xujiayao teeth and comparative samples.
  • Table S3. The cuspal enamel thickness of the Xujiayao teeth and comparative samples (in micrometers).
  • Table S4. The crown formation time of the Xujiayao teeth and comparative samples (in days).
  • Table S5. The initiation age of the Xujiayao teeth and comparative samples (in days).
  • Table S6. The age of M1 gingival emergence of the Xujiayao juvenile and comparative samples.
  • Table S7. Xujiayao crown formation components and age at completion compared to the average and range established by the combination of all modern human groups.
  • Data file S1. Extra texts, figures, and tables.
  • Data file S2. Calculating the periodicity of the Xujiayao specimen by using daily secretion rates and distances between adjacent striae of Retzius.
  • References (3640)

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