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  • Section S1. Tracking of ρ − σ and M during the QGAN process
  • Section S2. Comparisons between the experimental and the numerical simulation results
  • Section S3. Algorithm and numerical results
  • Fig. S1. Tracking of ρ − σ and M and the comparison between experiments and numerical simulations based on the recorded parameters ξ in the QGAN process as shown in Fig. 3.
  • Fig. S2. Statistics of the QGAN performance based on numerical simulations.
  • Fig. S3. Influence of δ and sd in the QGAN performance and count of steps when the QGAN converges to the same dB for different γ and p.
  • Fig. S4. Performance of the QGAN algorithm for multipartite quantum systems with the quantum true data being a random mixed state.
  • Fig. S5. Performance of the QGAN algorithm with Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W states as the quantum true data.

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