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This PDF file includes:

  • Section S1. Full population data, metropolitan areas, and regional composition
  • Section S2. Outlier analysis of urban scaling parameters
  • Section S3. Replication of the scaling relation’s decomposition with U.S. data
  • Section S4. Wage data and measures of individual productivity
  • Section S5. Full tabulation of cross-sectional results
  • Section S6. Full tabulation of the urban wage premium
  • Fig. S1. Scaling relations of urban indicators excluding the three largest labor market areas.
  • Fig. S2. Decomposition of the total scaling relation for wages across U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas.
  • Fig. S3. Complementary analyses of the urban wage premium.
  • Table S1. Description of Sweden’s full working-age population.
  • Table S2. Creative jobs and the corresponding occupational codes.
  • Table S3. Composition effects on the scaling of wage income.
  • Table S4. Urban wage premium following a move from one of Sweden’s smaller labor market areas to one of the four largest.

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