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  • Section S1. Calculation of stereocilia bundle mechanics
  • Section S2. Viscoelastic hair bundle—Viscous damping parameter
  • Section S3. Sensitivity analysis of variations in epithelial angle β and hair bundle area Ab affecting bundle stiffness measurements
  • Fig. S1. Apical turn reticular lamina surface stiffness.
  • Fig. S2. Estimation of the effective area at the top of the OHC and IHC stereociliary hair bundles in the apical part of the cochlea.
  • Fig. S3. Estimation of the sensory epithelium angle in the cochlear apical turn.
  • Fig. S4. FM1-43 labels almost all apical turn sensory hair cells in 20 s.
  • Fig. S5. PCR genotyping of experimental mice.

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