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  • Fig. S1. Water temperatures at the lower Utsjoki sampling location and the Teno River mainstem (Tenojoki) 1.5 km upstream in all sampling years.
  • Fig. S2. Akujoki sampling location.
  • Fig. S3. The relationship of origin (local or disperser) and sea age at maturity (in SW) with reproductive success (no. of offspring) in the Akujoki sampling location.
  • Fig. S4. Interpolation of sea age at maturity from weight for sampled female (F) and male (M) adult salmon for which scales could not be sampled for aging.
  • Table S1. Adult sample sizes in sampling location and cohort.
  • Table S2. Baseline population adult assignments for lower Utsjoki and Akujoki sampling locations.
  • Table S3. Mean sea age at maturity (in SW), weight in kilograms (weight), condition (condition), mating success (no. of mates), and reproductive success (no. of offspring) of local and dispersing adults of each sex in the lower Utsjoki and Akujoki locations.
  • Table S4. Parentage assignments using the MasterBayes pedigree framework.
  • Table S5. Summaries of Poisson GLMs of reproductive success excluding adults that did not have offspring assigned in our sample.
  • Table S6. Model summaries showing the effect of sea age at maturity as a two-level factor (sea age class, 1 or 2 SW) and origin (local or disperser) on reproductive success of males and females sampled in Akujoki.
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