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  • Fig. S1. Distribution of AM and EM forest trees in geographical and climatic space.
  • Fig. S2. Spatial patterns of climatic factors (MAP and MAT change), basal area change, total N deposition (2000–2015), and fire frequency (1992–2015) used in the model in Fig. 2B.
  • Fig. S3. Changes in AM and EM tree basal area in forests in eastern USA during the past three decades (T2-T1).
  • Fig. S4. Effects of AM tree dominance and environmental factors on the 0- to 20-cm depth mineral soil C and N stocks and C:N ratio in forest ecosystems.
  • Table S1. Vegetation and climate data summary used for tree mycorrhizal association distribution map in Fig. 1.
  • Table S2. Soil data summary.
  • Reference (58)

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