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  • Note S1. XPS data showing that O2 annealing (rather than O3 annealing) is sufficient to oxygenate La2CuO4+δ in the nanocomposite films.
  • Note S2. Conductance atomic force microscopy at room temperature.
  • Note S3. Dependence of resistance versus temperature on bias current (100 and 500 μA).
  • Note S4. Correlating tunneling spectra with topography and data reproducibility.
  • Note S5. Fitting spectra measured in the Andreev spectroscopy regime.
  • Fig. S1. XPS spectra (VB, O 1s, La 4d, and Cu 2p3/2) for films S4 and S5.
  • Fig. S2. Atomic force microscopy images at room temperature for film S3.
  • Fig. S3. R (T) with bias currents of 100 and 500 μA (top plot) and corresponding ZFC M (T) (bottom plot) for film S2.
  • Fig. S4. Three tunneling spectra measured on sample S3.
  • Fig. S5. Tunneling spectrum in the Andreev spectroscopy regime and fitting for sample S3.
  • Reference (48)

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