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Supplementary Materials

The PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Coastward migration of basal cold ice competing with the inland migration of outlet glacier acceleration and thinning.
  • Fig. S2. Time series of temperature anomalies for the four GCMs that extend until 2300.
  • Fig. S3. Initial forcing and boundary conditions.
  • Fig. S4. Ice discharge as a function of horizontal grid resolution.
  • Table S1. Partitioning of mass fluxes for the control simulation.
  • Table S2. Parameters and their distributions used in the ensemble analysis, source for distributions, and values for the control simulation CTRL.
  • Legend for movie S1

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Movie S1 (.mp4 format). Evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet over the next millennium.

Files in this Data Supplement: