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The PDF file includes:

  • Table S1. Coring retrieval for the different samples at both sites.
  • Table S2. Abundance and atom % 18O enrichment for OTUs that were 18O-labeled at the end of the 18-month experiment.
  • Table S3. Sequencing and assembly statistics for the subseafloor metagenomes.
  • Table S4. Hydrogenase encoding ORFs from subseafloor metagenomes.
  • Fig. S1. Map of sample sites and pore water oxygen profiles from sites 11 and 12.
  • Fig. S2. Correlations between dissolved nitrate and oxygen at sites 11 and 12.
  • Fig. S3. Respiration and 18O-labeling of microbial communities in long-term incubations.
  • Fig. S4. Identification of specific populations that were growing (18O-labeled) in the long-term incubations.
  • Fig. S5. Phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA genes (V4 hypervariable region) from AOA OTUs (in red bold font) detected in this study.

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