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  • Supplementary Methods
  • Fig. S1. Linkage map constructed on the basis of F2 genotypes of the C. iwawakianus × C. maiyasanus cross.
  • Table S1. RAD sequences used in the present study.
  • Table S2. Whole-genome and transcriptome sequence data for the three Carabus (Ohomopterus) species.
  • Table S3. Species-monophyly regions detected by ARGweaver analysis.
  • Table S4. Genes associated with species-monophyly regions detected by ARGweaver analysis and their expression patterns in larvae and pupae of C. maiyasanus and C. iwawakianus.
  • Table S5. DAVID enrichment analysis for DEGs by sex and stage.
  • Table S6. Comparison of expression patterns of developmental genes between C. maiyasanus and C. iwawakianus larvae and pupae.
  • Table S7. Multiple regression analyses for the effects of presence or absence of genital QTLs and of species pair and local effective population size (10-kbp window; log10 scale) of 10-kbp average Fst among three species pairs.
  • Table S8. Genital dimensions of F2 individuals from crossing between C. iwawakianus and C. maiyasanus.
  • References (5575)

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