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  • Fig. S1. Contact radius r of a water drop placed on a hot superhydrophobic solid, as defined in Fig. 2A.
  • Fig. S2. Contact angle hysteresis Δcosθ on Glaco-coated substrates as a function of T for drops having initially either a temperature Td = 20°C (blue data) or the same temperature as the substrate (Td = T, red data).
  • Fig. S3. Water adhesion on heated brass coated by a commercial colloidal repellent material (Ultra-Ever Dry, UltraTech International).
  • Fig. S4. Water adhesion on heated micrometric posts.
  • Fig. S5. Morphology of a vapor patch.
  • Fig. S6. Internal flow in water drops (R ≈ 1.5 mm) placed on a hot superhydrophobic solid (Glaco-coated wafer).

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