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  • Section S1. Supplementary methods
  • Section S1.1. Fabrication procedure
  • Section S1.1.1. Preparation of PPy absorbers
  • Section S1.1.2. Preparation of PVA and chitosan solution
  • Section S1.1.3. Preparation of PVA/chitosan hydrogel
  • Section S1.1.4. Preparation of PEG/PPy hydrogel (l-LAH1, less hydratable light-absorbing hydrogel)
  • Section S1.1.5. Preparation of PEG/PVA/PPy hydrogel (l-LAH2)
  • Section S1.2. Melting behavior of h-LAHs by DSC measurement
  • Section S2. Supplementary figures
  • Section S2.1. Investigation of PPy penetrated in the PVA and chitosan polymer network
  • Section S2.2. Investigation of water state in h-LAHs
  • Section S2.2.1. DSC measurement of bound water content in h-LAHs
  • Section S2.2.2. Investigation of water state in fully swollen h-LAHs
  • Section S2.3. Polymer network enabled activation of water
  • Section S2.3.1. Study of water-polymer interaction in h-LAHs
  • Section S2.3.2. Observation of vapor generation under dark conditions
  • Section S2.3.3. DSC measurement of evaporation enthalpy
  • Section S2.3.4. Investigation of water state and SVG rate of less hydratable polymer networks
  • Section S2.4. Investigation of photothermal behaviors of h-LAHs
  • Section S2.4.1. Evaluation of light absorption of h-LAHs
  • Section S2.4.2. Investigation of photothermal behavior of h-LAHs
  • Section S2.5. Variables influencing the SVG of h-LAHs
  • Section S2.5.1. Ratio of hydrophilic polymers (PVA and chitosan)/water
  • Section S2.5.2. Ratio of PPy/hydrophilic polymer
  • Section S2.5.3. Cross-linker density of h-LAHs
  • Section S2.5.4. Evaluation of 1-sun vapor generation performance of h-LAHs
  • Section S2.6. Performance evaluation of h-LAHs in salt solutions
  • Section S2.6.1. Evaluation of the antifouling functionality of the h-LAH
  • Section S2.6.2. Evaluation of purified simulating seawater based on the h-LAH
  • Section S2.7. Comparison of techniques for purification of heavy metal ions
  • Fig. S1. Dynamic mechanical analysis of storage modulus (G′) and loss modulus (G″) of PVA/chitosan hydrogel and the h-LAH4.
  • Fig. S2. DSC analysis of different samples.
  • Fig. S3. Investigation of water-polymer interaction in h-LAHs.
  • Fig. S4. Photothermal behaviors of h-LAHs.
  • Fig. S5. Factors influencing the SVG of h-LAHs.
  • Fig. S6. Performance evaluation of h-LAHs in salt solutions.
  • Fig. S7. Qualitative comparison of different techniques in terms of core requirements of practical purification of heavy metal ions.
  • Table S1. Bound water content of h-LAHs from the DSC measurement.
  • Table S2. The fraction of free, intermediate, and bound water in h-LAHs.
  • Table S3. Comparison of evaporation enthalpy from DSC measurement and dark experiment.
  • References (4046)

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