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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • Additional data description
  • Fig. S1. Prediction of income with imperfect proxy of cognitive ability and the Big Five PTs.
  • Table S1. Descriptive statistics of STEP data.
  • Table S2. Descriptive statistics of other survey data and reference data.
  • Table S3. Descriptive statistics of internet data.
  • Table S4. Psychometric indicators by database, using data without correcting for acquiescence bias.
  • Table S5. Cronbach’s alpha by PT, using STEP survey data, without versus with acquiescence bias correction.
  • Table S6. Psychometric indicators by dataset.
  • Table S7. Cronbach’s alpha by PT and database.
  • Table S8. Average item-by-item correlation coefficients in different databases.
  • Table S9. Psychometric indicators for Colombia, comparing randomly assigned face-to-face versus self-administrated surveys.

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