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  • Fig. S1. Growth experiment 1.
  • Fig. S2. Growth experiment 2.
  • Fig. S3. Growth experiment 3.
  • Fig. S4. Plot of δ34S as a function of ln(f) for the sulfide or f/(1 − f)ln(f) for the sulfate for experiments 1 and 3 (see Materials and Methods).
  • Fig. S5. Plot of δ34S as a function of the sulfide consumed (f).
  • Fig. S6. Water (black bars) and equilibrium sulfate (gray bars) δ18O in respective water enrichment experiments A to D.
  • Table S1. Compilation of sulfur isotope enrichments during MSO used for the construction of Fig. 1 and additional information on growth conditions.
  • References (4353)

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