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  • Fig. S1. Views of reciprocal space showing the merged intensities of SaR2lox.
  • Fig. S2. Sequence alignment between SaR2lox (UniProt identifier Q4J6V7) and R2lox from M. tuberculosis MtR2lox (UniProt identifier P9WH69) used as molecular replacement search model for the structure presented in this study (PDB ID 3EE4) (23).
  • Fig. S3. Overall superimposition of crystal structures of R2lox dimers.
  • Table S1. Overview of protein structures in the PDB determined by MicroED.
  • Table S2. ED merging statistics for a single-crystal dataset and merging of 11, 14 and 21 crystal datasets.
  • Table S3. Data collection and refinement statistics of SaR2lox.
  • References (4261)

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