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  • Fig. S1. D-E hysteresis loop and switching current of MQS nylon-11.
  • Fig. S2. 13C solution NMR spectra of the TFA:acetone-d6 mixture.
  • Fig. S3. 1H solution NMR spectra of the TFA:acetone-d6 mixture.
  • Fig. S4.1H-NMR DOSY measurement (850.3 MHz at 298 K) of nylon-11 solution in pure TFA (red spectrum) and 50:50 mol % mixture of TFA:acetone-d6 (black spectrum).
  • Fig. S5. Haze as a function of film thickness of nylon-11.
  • Fig. S6. DSC curves of SQ and MQS nylon-11 films.
  • Fig. S7. Room-temperature FTIR spectra of the SQ thin film compared with MQS film of nylon-11.
  • Fig. S8. WAXD pattern of the MQS film along the parallel and perpendicular to the stretch direction.
  • Table S1. Literature overview of the crystalline phases of nylon-11 at room temperature.
  • Table S2. Comparing the ferroelectric properties, Pr, and EC of nylon-11 and nylon-5 with those of PVDF and P(VDF-TrFE) reported in literature.
  • References (3444)

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