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  • Fig. S1. brat tumors do not present sex-dependent dimorphism.
  • Fig. S2. mbt tumor size is sex dependent.
  • Fig. S3. Loss of Phf7 reduces the expression of mbt M-tSDS genes and increases the expression of mbt F-tSDS genes in male tissue.
  • Table S1. Proteomic sex-linked dimorphic signatures.
  • Table S2. GO terms enriched in the M-pSDS and the F-pSDS.
  • Table S3. Relative expression levels of L(3)mbt and other components of the LINT and Myb/Muv/Dream complexes between male and female wild-type brain lobes.
  • Table S4. Sex-dependent dysregulation of MBTS genes in l(3)mbtts1 tumors versus wild-type and in Phf7ΔN2; l(3)mbtts1 versus l(3)mbtts1.

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