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Supplementary Materials

The PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Schematics of the 3D-SR-BA geometry.
  • Fig. S2. Simulation and experimental results for 3D-SR-BA used to estimate the radius of curvature.
  • Fig. S3. 3D-SR-BA with microelectrodes: Fabrication and electrochemical characterization.
  • Fig. S4. 3D-SR-BA with GFETs: Fabrication and electrical characterization.
  • Fig. S5. Electrical recordings with and without addition of chemomechanical decoupler, blebbistatin.
  • Fig. S6. Simultaneous Ca2+ and electrical recording.
  • Fig. S7. Several hours (3 hours) 3D recording.
  • Fig. S8. 3D electrical signal propagation in spheroids.
  • Table S1. Thickness and mechanical parameters of SU-8, Cr, and Pd used in FEM simulations.
  • Table S2. Data summary for the Raman analysis of LPCVD synthesized graphene before and after patterning.
  • Legends for movies S1 to S4

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Movie S1 (.mp4 format). Release of the 3D-SR-BA upon sacrificial layer etch.
  • Movie S2 (.mp4 format). Unrolling the 3D-SR-BA using a micromanipulator.
  • Movie S3 (.mp4 format). Beating CM spheroid stained with Ca2+ (Fluo-4) encapsulated in the 3D-SR-BA (associated Ca2+ imaging analysis is presented in fig. S6).
  • Movie S4 (.mp4 format). Electrical signal propagation in CM spheroid presented in Figs. 4 and 5.

Files in this Data Supplement: