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  • Supplementary Methods
  • Fig. S1. Coexpression of GPCR clusters with RAMPs and the position of selected GPCRs on the phylogenetic tree.
  • Fig. S2. Validation of anti-epitope tag mAbs to capture and detect engineered RAMPs and GPCRs.
  • Fig. S3. Validation of Abs used to capture RAMPs.
  • Fig. S4. Analysis of anti-GPCR Ab cross-reactivity.
  • Fig. S5. Detection of GPCR-RAMP complexes following capture by all anti-GPCR Abs.
  • Fig. S6. Statistical validation of GPCR-RAMP SBA datasets.
  • Fig. S7. Detection of CALCRL-RAMP2 interactions in cell membranes using PLA.
  • Table S1. The ID of the bead coupled to each specific Ab, the source of the Ab, and the product code.
  • Table S2. Statistical significances of complex formation between each GPCR and RAMP complex pair reported as P values.
  • Table S3. Overall statistic for GPCR-RAMP complex formation.
  • Table S4. Statistical metrics used to compare GPCR-RAMP complex formation datasets.
  • References (4143)

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