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  • Fig. S1. Local and global evaluation of the extracellular bath temperature.
  • Fig. S2. TRPV1 is endogenously expressed in ECFCs, and it is efficiently activated by polymer photostimulation.
  • Fig. S3. Current clamp measurements in HEK-293 cells.
  • Fig. S4. Pharmacological study on ECFCs seeded on polymer substrates in the dark—Evaluation of effect on tubulogenesis.
  • Fig. S5. Polymer photostability.
  • Fig. S6. p65 NF-κB nuclear translocation is unaltered in ECFCs seeded on glass subjected to light-induced photostimulation.
  • Fig. S7. mRNA levels of proangiogenic genes downstream of NF-κB signaling.
  • Table S1. List of oligonucleotide primers used for real-time PCR.

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