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  • Fig. S1. IgM and IgG antibody induction to individual merozoite antigens following primary P. falciparum infection in na├»ve adults.
  • Fig. S2. IgM, IgG1, and IgG3 during clinical P. falciparum malaria and following treatment in patients from Sabah.
  • Fig S3. Purification of IgG and IgM fractions.
  • Fig S4. Merozoite lysis with IgM and IgG fractions.
  • Fig S5. C1q-fixing antibodies in Sabah individuals.
  • Table S1. Proportion of responses above positive threshold.
  • Table S2. Cohort characteristics of patients with clinical malaria from Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Table S3. Australia resident returned travelers.
  • Table S4. Prevalence and levels of IgM and IgG to the merozoite surface in the longitudinal cohort of PNG.
  • Table S5. Associations between IgM, IgG, and C1q to the merozoite surface and odds of susceptibility to malaria in PNG children.

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