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  • Fig. S1. Anti-pathogen activity of coral water from Acropora millepora.
  • Fig. S2. Average microbial community composition from data rarefied to 7700 sequences per sample for A. millepora (n = 29, 28 MPA and fished-area coral), P. damicornis (n = 26, 23 MPA and fished-area coral), and P. cylindrica (n = 28, 30 for MPA and fished-area coral).
  • Fig. S3. Alpha diversity of corals from MPAs and fished areas.
  • Fig. S4. Principal coordinate analysis with PERMANOVA and PERMDISPERSION tests of microbial community composition and dispersion for benthic water samples on OTU tables rarefied to a uniform sequencing depth of 17,700 sequences per sample (n = 27, 18 for MPA and fished-area samples).
  • Fig. S5. OTU richness and diversity of benthic water from each reef site.
  • Fig. S6. Map of MPAs (in red) and fished areas (in blue) used in collection of coral and water samples along the coral coast of Viti Levu, Fiji.
  • Fig. S7. OTU rarefaction curves for each coral and for benthic water from each reef site.
  • Table S1. Statistical contrast values for data shown in Fig. 1 and fig. S1.
  • Table S2. PERMANOVA and PERMDISPERSION results for coral microbial community composition and dispersion.
  • Table S3. Coral microbial community composition.
  • Table S4. Relative abundance and analyses of Vibrionaceae for each coral species and site.
  • Table S5. Diversity of Vibrionaceae.

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