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  • Fig. S1. Examples of cut marks associated to disarticulation and/or skinning from Amudian and Yabrudian levels of Qesem Cave.
  • Fig. S2. Test of normality and graphs showing the number of cut marks with inclination almost parallel to the bone and weeks of conservation by scenarios (SC 1 and SC 2).
  • Fig. S3. Examples of different actions (skinning, tendon removal, and bone breakage) during the development of the SC 1.
  • Fig. S4. Ternary plots showing analysis of bone break planes (outline, angle, and surface edge) of metapodials with more than 20 mm length from experimental series outdoor (autumn and spring) scenarios and Qesem Cave faunal assemblage following the criteria established by Villa and Mahieu (31).
  • Table S1. Variation on FAME (%) composition according to the week of conservation in the outdoor (autumn) scenario (SC 1).
  • Table S2. Weight and energy data (kcal) from the metapodial bones by experimental scenario and exposure time.

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