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  • Section SA. Data
  • Section SB. Definition of measures
  • Section SC. Co-worker synergy and substitutability by industry and occupation (Fig. 2)
  • Section SD. Wages
  • Section SE. Career paths (Fig. 3)
  • Section SF. Wage premiums
  • Fig. S1. Part-time work in Sweden.
  • Fig. S2. Scatter plot of educational synergy against educational substitutability.
  • Fig. S3. Educational synergies network.
  • Fig. S4. Educational substitutability network.
  • Fig. S5. Selected synergy communities in the synergy and substitutability graphs.
  • Fig. S6. Nested community structure.
  • Fig. S7. Levels and contents of education in synergy and substitutability communities.
  • Fig. S8. Co-worker variables and establishment size.
  • Fig. S9. Average co-worker synergy and substitutability by industry and occupation.
  • Fig. S10. SD synergy (observed versus theoretical).
  • Fig. S11. Estimated effect of co-worker synergy by error-variance bin.
  • Fig. S12. Estimated effect of co-worker synergy by error-variance bin (homoscedastic case).
  • Fig. S13. Co-worker complementarity and work experience.
  • Table S1. Sample sizes.
  • Table S2. Educational pairs: Top synergy.
  • Table S3. Educational pairs: Top substitutability.
  • Table S4. Educational pairs: Top synergy, controlling for substitutability.
  • Table S5. Descriptive statistics main variables.
  • Table S6. Survival analysis.
  • Table S7. Co-worker educational fit and wages.
  • Table S8. Wage regressions, fixed effects models.
  • Table S9. IV regression, first differences.
  • Table S10. Wage effects of within-education local supply shifts.
  • Table S11. Fixed effects models, within transformation versus first differences.
  • Table S12. Errors-in-variables estimates.
  • Table S13. Wage regressions: Summary.
  • Table S14. Returns to education.
  • Table S15. Large-plant premium.
  • Table S16. UWP, conditional on co-worker fit.
  • References (3540)

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