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  • Fig. S1. Temporal profiles of CH4, O2, and cyanobacterial derived chlorophyll a between July 2014 and 2016.
  • Fig. S2. Continuous measurements of CH4 and oxygen under light/dark cycles using a MIMS in 17 different cyanobacterial cultures.
  • Fig. S3. Community composition of the cyanobacterial cultures as obtained when sequenced using archaea-specific primers resulting in 71,981 reads for PCC 7110, 5442 reads for PCC 7806, 14,489 reads for PCC 9317, 91,105 reads for A. borealis, 13,173 reads for ATCC29414, 133,336 reads for Leptolyngbia sp., 172,112 reads for MIT9313, 35,257 for T. erythraeum, and 82,190 reads for P. persicinum of 200,000 commissioned reads.
  • Fig. S4. Effects of photosynthesis inhibitors on cyanobacterial CH4 production.
  • Fig. S5. Average CH4 production rates (μmol g dry weight−1 hour−1) obtained from multiple long-term measurements (2 to 5 days) with a MIMS.
  • Fig. S6. Methane ionization pattern.
  • Fig. S7. Raw signal obtained from mass 15 (CH4) and mass 40 (Argon) plotted against the calculated solubility at different salinities at 30°C.
  • Table S1. Estimated global CH4 production rates divided into various cyanobacterial habitats showing the potential contribution of cyanobacteria in global CH4 cycling.
  • References (6671)

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