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  • Fig. S1. PEGylation SDS-PAGE gel of protein contrast agents.
  • Fig. S2. Determination the relaxivity values of ProCA32.CXCR4.
  • Fig. S3. Serum stability and transmetalation study of ProCA32.CXCR4.
  • Fig. S4. Determination of ProCA32.CXCR4 metal binding affinities.
  • Fig. S5. MRI images of metastatic UM mice M20-09-196 before and after administration of Lys-ProCA32, Eovist, and Lys-ProCA32.CXCR4 (n = 2 for Eovist group, n = 3 for Lys-ProCA32 and Lys-ProCA32.CXCR4 group).
  • Fig. S6. T1-weighted MRI images of subcutaneous UM mice before and after administration of Cys-ProCA32.CXCR4, blocking reagent + Cys-ProCA32.CXCR4, and Lys-ProCA32 (n = 3 for each group).
  • Fig. S7. Pharmacokinetic study of Cys-ProCA32.CXCR4 and ICP-OES analysis of Gd3+ content in different mouse organs.
  • Fig. S8. H&E staining analysis of mice tissues collected 7 and 14 days after injection of Cys-ProCA32.CXCR4.
  • Table S1. Relaxivities of investigated contrast agents in 10 mM Hepes at 37°C.
  • Table S2. Clinical pathology profile of mouse serum.

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