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  • Supplementary Text
  • Table S1. Features of various datasets and statistics of TKE′ from various data products.
  • Fig. S1. Monthly TKE′ and corresponding linear trend in 12 CMIP5 model outputs.
  • Fig. S2. KE′ in the tropical oceans and for individual basin-wide meridional sections.
  • Fig. S3. KE′ in global and each ocean basin.
  • Fig. S4. Horizontal distribution of long-term KE change in individual products.
  • Fig. S5. Time-depth plot of global mean KE′ in individual products.
  • Fig. S6. Time series of TKE′ with a focus on the upper 700-m layer.
  • Fig. S7. Comparison between global mean wind, TKE′, and C(APE, KE).
  • Fig. S8. Relationship between wind speed, PDO index, and TKE.
  • Fig. S9. Global mean wind speed in CMIP5 models and comparison with reanalysis.

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