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  • Section S1. Crystal structure, composition, magnetization, heat capacity, and in-plane resistivity
  • Section S2. STM topography and spectroscopy
  • Section S3. MR and SdH oscillations
  • Section S4. Comparison of the FS pockets from QO measurements to the calculated ones
  • Section S5. Carrier concentration estimations from QO measurements versus Hall measurements
  • Section S6. ARPES measurement
  • Section S7. Air sensitivity study and Raman spectroscopy of GdTe3 thin flakes
  • Section S8. Additional notes on mobility for materials shown in Table 2
  • Table S1. An overview of the GdTe3 samples (bulk and thin-flake geometries), on which we have performed transport measurements in this work.
  • Table S2. Material properties derived from QO measurements.
  • Fig. S1. X-ray diffraction pattern, magnetization, and in-plane resistivity measurements on bulk GdTe3 crystals.
  • Fig. S2. CDW revealed by STM on a GdTe3 crystal.
  • Fig. S3. MR and SdH oscillations.
  • Fig. S4. Two-band model fits to the Hall resistivity and conductivity at various temperatures on multiple samples.
  • Fig. S5. Temperature-dependent carrier concentrations and mobilities from two-band model fits to the Hall conductivities measured on sample 1.
  • Fig. S6. FS measured by ARPES and gap opening by the CDW in GdTe3.
  • Fig. S7. Air sensitivity of GdTe3 thin flakes.
  • Fig. S8. Raman spectroscopy on a series of GdTe3 thin flakes with varying thicknesses.
  • References (5662)

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