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Supplementary Materials

The PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Example photos of till and moraine deposit morphology.
  • Fig. S2. Lag time plot showing all AHe ages (including all replicate ages).
  • Fig. S3. Average erosion rate curve from Fig. 4.
  • Fig. S4. Color bars showing lag intervals for all AHe cobble ages in our study, plotted separately for each deposit.
  • Fig. S5. Simplified version of Fig. 3.
  • Fig. S6. Age2edot output.
  • Fig. S7. Evolution of the closure depth in response to an instantaneous increase in erosion rate.

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Table S1 (Microsoft Excel format). Published bedrock ages shown in Fig. 3.
  • Table S2 (Microsoft Excel format). Crystal AHe measurements and ages.
  • Data S1. Google Earth file (.kml) of sample names and locations.

Files in this Data Supplement: