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Supplementary Materials

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  • Section S1. Symmetry analysis in the extended little group (paramagnetic symmetry)
  • Section S2. Order parameters in magnetic domains
  • Section S3. Confirmation of the AF1 and AF2 phases
  • Section S4. Incompatibility of the AF3 phase with a single irreducible representation
  • Section S5. Theoretical explanation of the proposed AF3 phase
  • Fig. S1. Order parameter in magnetic domains.
  • Fig. S2. Temperature dependence of magnetic Bragg intensities.
  • Fig. S3. Theoretical phase diagrams.
  • Table S1. Transformation properties of the complex order parameters S1 and S2 in the extended little group (paramagnetic group).
  • Table S2. Basis vectors Snx of the irreducible representations Γn.
  • Table S3. Observed and calculated polarization matrix elements in the AF1, AF2, and AF3 phases.

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