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Supplementary Materials

The PDF file includes:

  • Supplementary Note
  • Appendix Table 1. Participating studies.
  • Appendix Table 2. Genotyping overview.
  • Appendix Table 3. Overview of imputation software and reference panels.
  • Appendix Table 4. Description of structures for UPLC IgG glycans.
  • Appendix Table 5. Details of genome-wide association analyses.
  • Appendix Table 6. Individual GWAS file-level quality control.
  • Appendix Table 7. Description of structures for LCMS glycans.
  • Appendix Table 8. Summary-level statistics downloaded for SMR or HEIDI test.
  • Appendix Table 9. DEPICT gene prioritization.
  • Appendix Table 10. SNPs associated with IgG glycosylation with nonsynonymous amino acid change.
  • Appendix Table 11. Strongest eQTL for each probe in each cell type in the CEDAR dataset.
  • Appendix Figure 1. Phenotypic correlation of UPLC IgG N-glycans.
  • Fig. S1. Glycome-wide effect estimates of genome-wide significant loci.
  • Fig. S2A. RUNX3 binding in the proximity of MGAT3 rs8137426, SNP strongly associated with IgG N-glycosylation is the region bound by RUNX3, in the proximity of MGAT3.
  • Fig. S2B. Top SNPs in FUT8 locus lie in the same chromosomal topological associating domain as the transcription start site of FUT8.
  • References (4683)

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Table S1 (Microsoft Excel format). Comparison of P values from current meta-analysis (P-new) and Lauc et al. (P-old), Shen et al. (P-multivariate), and Wahl et al. (P-LCMS).
  • Table S2 (Microsoft Excel format). Results of replication and validation analysis.
  • Table S3 (Microsoft Excel format). Phenotypic variance explained by significantly associated SNPs (P ≤ 2.4 × 10−9).
  • Table S4 (Microsoft Excel format). FUMA GO gene set enrichment analysis.
  • Table S5 (Microsoft Excel format). DEPICT analysis of gene set enrichment.
  • Table S6 (Microsoft Excel format). Correlation of glycome-wide effects of top genome-wide significant SNPs associated with IgG glycosylation.
  • Table S7 (Microsoft Excel format). STRING PPI analysis of genes prioritized in loci associated with IgG N-glycosylation.
  • Table S8 (Microsoft Excel format). TF motif alterations by glycosylation-associated SNPs.
  • Table S9 (Microsoft Excel format). Effect of IgG glycosylation–associated SNPs on TF motif–binding disruption compared with nonassociated SNPs from the region.
  • Table S10 (Microsoft Excel format). Degree of fucosylation of IgG secreted from MATAT6 cells.

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