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  • Fig. S1. Representative Raman spectra of quenched products after laser-heating adamantane and triamantane at pressures of 5, 15, and 20 GPa.
  • Fig. S2. Higher Raman frequency of adamantane compressed and heated to 10 GPa and ~2000 K.
  • Fig. S3. Characterization of graphite formed from diamondoids.
  • Fig. S4. XRD and SEM data of gold nanoparticles and energy-dispersive x-ray spectrum of diamond.
  • Fig. S5. Structural evolution of dehydrogenated adamantane at 5 and 40 GPa and 2000 K.
  • Fig. S6. False color plots indicating the calculated RDFs as a function of structural evolution time at 5 and 40 GPa.
  • Fig. S7. Representative Raman spectra of quenched samples after laser-heating octadecane at the synthesis pressure of 12.5 GPa.

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