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  • Fig. S1. Frequency and function of MAIT cells in HIV-1–infected patients during ART treatment.
  • Fig. S2. T cell analysis using Abseq and scRNAseq.
  • Fig. S3. MAIT cell dysfunction during HIV-1 infection is not ascribed to inhibitory receptors.
  • Fig. S4. IFN-α does not induce MAIT cell death or apoptosis.
  • Fig. S5. IFN-α–induced IL-10 inhibits IL-12, thus dampening MAIT cell function.
  • Table S1. Clinical characteristics of the enrolled participants.
  • Table S2. BD Rhapsody Abseq antibody panel.
  • Table S3. BD Rhapsody T cell expression panel.
  • Table S4. List of significantly up-regulated or down-regulated genes in MAIT cells from VIR versus HC subjects.

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