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  • Supplementary Text
  • Section S1. Geologic context of sites
  • Section S2. Geochemistry of the BHT and stratigraphic implications
  • Section S3. Age determination of sites
  • Section S4. Additional details of the archaeological samples
  • Section S5. DAN5 hominin–modified bones
  • Section S6. Paleosols
  • Section S7. Ecological reconstructions
  • Section S8. Additional anatomical descriptions of the hominin fossils
  • Section S9. DAN5/P1 endocast
  • Section S10. Taxonomic allocation of the BSN12/P1 and DAN5/P1 specimens
  • Fig. S1. Setting of the BSN12 site.
  • Fig. S2. Map of the DAN5 area.
  • Fig. S3. Photographs of the original DAN5-Main discovery site.
  • Fig. S4. DAN5-Main area after surface brush and excavation in 2000.
  • Fig. S5. DAN5-Main area in 2008.
  • Fig. S6. BSN12/P1 partial cranium.
  • Fig. S7. DAN5/P1 partial cranium.
  • Fig. S8. Modified fossil bones from the DAN5 site complex.
  • Table S1. Comparison of the BSN12 and DAN5 artifacts with Konso.
  • Table S2. Metrical description of DAN5/P1 and BSN12/P1 specimens.
  • Table S3. Summary maxillary dental metrics (means and ranges) for taxa discussed in the main text.
  • Table S4. Fauna list from the BSN12 and DAN5 levels of the Busidima Formation, Gona.
  • Table S5. Taphonomic sample of fauna recovered from DAN5.
  • References (39–56)

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