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  • Section S1. STEM results of films
  • Section S2. Magnetic properties of BiSb/CoFeB
  • Section S3. Anomalous Hall resistance and anisotropy field
  • Section S4. First harmonic Hall resistance of BiSb/CoFeB
  • Section S5. Two-band model analysis of BiSb
  • Section S6. Evaluation of the SOT analysis protocol
  • Section S7. The efficiency of BiSb SOT
  • Fig. S1. HAADF-STEM and EDS mapping.
  • Fig. S2. Saturation magnetization and magnetic dead layer thickness.
  • Fig. S3. Anomalous Hall resistance and anisotropy field.
  • Fig. S4. First harmonic Hall resistance.
  • Fig. S5. Temperature dependence of magnetotransport properties of Bi1−xSbx.
  • Fig. S6. SOT measurements of a standard sample: Pt/CoFeB.
  • References (6069)

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