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  • Fig. S1. Model of the domain architecture of YART and YGT, in comparison to C. difficile TcdB and C. perfringens TpeL.
  • Fig. S2. Processing, expression, and enzyme activity of YART and YGT.
  • Fig. S3. Topological representation of YGTG and potassium ion coordination in the ligand-bound YGTG structure.
  • Fig. S4. C-terminal loop of the glycosyltransferase domain encloses the nucleotide-binding site in the UDP-bound state and leaves it open in the ligand-free state.
  • Fig. S5. ETD MS/MS spectra.
  • Fig. S6. YART- and YGT-induced modifications of Rab31.
  • Table S1. Data collection and refinement statistics.
  • Table S2. Proteins structurally homologous to YGTG as identified by DALI and showing a Z score higher than 10.
  • Table S3. Genomic DNA, primer, gblocks, plasmids, and vectors.
  • Table S4. Buffer and conditions of protein purification.

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