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  • Fig. S1. Disruption of the Mrkmt2 gene in M. robertsii ARSEF 2575.
  • Fig. S2. Growth and conidial germination assay.
  • Fig. S3. MrKMT2-mediated H3K4me3 is associated with gene activation.
  • Fig. S4. Characterization of genes transcriptionally regulated by MrKMT2-mediated H3K4me3.
  • Fig. S5. Characterization of genes directly modulated by H3K4me3 in an MrKMT2-dependent manner.
  • Fig. S6. Six direct gene targets of MrKMT2-mediated H3K4me3.
  • Fig. S7. Characterization of MrCre1 (EXV01725.1).
  • Fig. S8. Overexpression of Mrcre1 in ΔMrkmt2 rescues sporulation defects.
  • Fig. S9. Global transcriptional analysis of WT and ΔMrcre1 strains grown in the SDB and MM medium supplemented with 0.8% locust cuticle.
  • Fig. S10. Gene tagging and ChIP-seq of Cre1:5myc.
  • Fig. S11. The other five targets of the transcription factor MrCre1.
  • Fig. S12. Effects of deletion of each Cre1 direct target gene on fungal growth, conidiation, and virulence.
  • Table S1. Primers used in this study.

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