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A versatile depigmentation, clearing, and labeling method for exploring nervous system diversity

Marko Pende, Karim Vadiwala, Hannah Schmidbaur, Alexander W. Stockinger, Prayag Murawala, Saiedeh Saghafi, Marcus P. S. Dekens, Klaus Becker, Roger Revilla-i-Domingo, Sofia-Christina Papadopoulos, Martin Zurl, Pawel Pasierbek, Oleg Simakov, Elly M. Tanaka, Florian Raible, Hans-Ulrich Dodt

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  • Supplementary Material and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S9
  • Table S1
  • Legends for movies S1 to S14
  • Legend for data S1
  • References

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