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Probing dynamical phase transitions with a superconducting quantum simulator

Kai Xu, Zheng-Hang Sun, Wuxin Liu, Yu-Ran Zhang, Hekang Li, Hang Dong, Wenhui Ren, Pengfei Zhang, Franco Nori, Dongning Zheng, Heng Fan, H. Wang

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This PDF file includes:

  • Device parameters
  • Correction of XY crosstalk
  • Calibration of the transverse field
  • Phase calibration of the rotation pulse
  • Numerical simulation on the effects of disordered couplings
  • Measurement of the spin-squeezing parameter
  • Finite-size effect of the Loschmidt echo in the LMG model
  • Loschmidt echo, rate function, and anomalous dynamical phase: Numerical results and possible signatures
  • Additional experimental data
  • Table S1
  • Figs. S1 to S9
  • References

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