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Epithelial cell–specific loss of function of Miz1 causes a spontaneous COPD-like phenotype and up-regulates Ace2 expression in mice

Hanh Chi Do-Umehara, Cong Chen, Qiao Zhang, Alexander V. Misharin, Hiam Abdala-Valencia, S. Marina Casalino-Matsuda, Paul A. Reyfman, Kishore R. Anekalla, Francisco J. Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Marc A. Sala, Chao Peng, Ping Wu, Catherine C. L. Wong, Ravi Kalhan, Ankit Bharat, Harris Perlman, Karen M. Ridge, Jacob I. Sznajder, Peter H. S. Sporn, Navdeep S. Chandel, Jindan Yu, Xiangdong Fu, Irina Petrache, Rubin Tuder, G. R. Scott Budinger, Jing Liu

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