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Oxygen isotopic heterogeneity in the early Solar System inherited from the protosolar molecular cloud

Alexander N. Krot, Kazuhide Nagashima, James R. Lyons, Jeong-Eun Lee, Martin Bizzarro

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This PDF file includes:

  • Mineralogical observations
  • Gas/dust fractionation during disk accretion
  • Solar nebula model
  • Radial transport time scales assuming an active MRI
  • FUV and x-ray surfaces of solar nebula
  • Inward flux of surface disk material
  • Time scales for CO photodissociation by FUV and H ionization by x-rays
  • Time scales for loss of O onto grains in disk surface and for grains settling
  • Δ17O of mixed material in CAI-forming region
  • Table S1
  • Figs. S1 to S5
  • References

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