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Induction of muscle-regenerative multipotent stem cells from human adipocytes by PDGF-AB and 5-azacytidine

Avani Yeola, Shruthi Subramanian, Rema A. Oliver, Christine A. Lucas, Julie A. I. Thoms, Feng Yan, Jake Olivier, Diego Chacon, Melinda L. Tursky, Pallavi Srivastava, Jason R. Potas, Tzongtyng Hung, Carl Power, Philip Hardy, David D. Ma, Kristopher A. Kilian, Joshua McCarroll, Maria Kavallaris, Luke B. Hesson, Dominik Beck, David J. Curtis, Jason W. H. Wong, Edna C. Hardeman, William R. Walsh, Ralph Mobbs, Vashe Chandrakanthan, John E. Pimanda

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  • Supplementary Methods

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