Table 3 Parameter definitions and best-fit estimates for mathematical model.
ParameterDescriptionSource dataCentral estimate (95% CI)
ΛHForce of infection with T. parvaFraction ever infected with T. parva0.0352 week–1
ΛLForce of infection with LPTFraction of T. parva–exposed calves ever infected with LPT0.0685 week–1
σHRate of loss of T. parvaFraction of calves with T. parva infection by RLB at 1 year0.335 week–1
σLRate of loss of LPTFraction of calves with LPT infection by RLB at 1 year0.0234 week–1
μFraction of high-risk calves that dieScaled to observed no. of acute ECF deaths0.118
ηFraction of high-risk surviving calves with clinical ECFScaled to observed no. of acute ECF deaths + ECF illness0.486