Table 1 Benchmarked OER activities of a-MOX films.

All potentials in this article are expressed versus a reversible hydrogen electrode (RHE).

Sample*Onset η
(V versus RHE)
Tafel slope
(mV dec−1)
η10 mA/cm2 (V)
This workLiterature
a-FeOx0.33380.240.40 (16)
a-NiOx0.21620.360.36 (15)
a-Fe2Ni3Ox0.19340.330.35§ (15)
a-MnOx0.220.430.51 (16)
a-IrOx0.10450.260.26 (15)

*Ox is broadly defined as oxo/oxyl/hydroxo.

†Overpotential required to reach 10 mA/cm2, unless otherwise indicated, without correcting for mass transport.

‡Overpotential required to reach 1 mA/cm2; this value may be affected by stability issues at this pH. A Tafel slope value is not provided due to film instability under steady-state conditions.

§Corresponds to FeNiOx.

¶Recorded at pH 0; all other data in table recorded at pH 13.