Table 1 Demographics for ARDS and non-lung disease ICU patients.

Values represent means ± SD. All ARDS subjects were secondary to documented gram-negative sepsis and intubated because of respiratory failure. Non-lung disease control subjects were intubated for various reasons unrelated to respiratory failure (one for airway protection secondary to gastrointestinal bleed, two for metabolic acidosis secondary to diabetic ketoacidosis, two for overdose, and one for airway protection status post–cerebrovascular accident). ns, no significant difference.

GroupAgeSexRacePaO2/FIO2APACHE II score30-Day mortality
ARDS (n = 6)59.5 (6.8)50% male, 50% female66% white, 34% black149.5 (60)25.5 (2.6)66%
Non-lung disease (n = 6)46.1 (9.7)66% male, 34% female66% white, 34% black469.2 (80)11.0 (4.9)0%
P (between groups)<0.05nsns<0.05<0.05<0.05