Table 1 Summary of results from two deployments of the WISSARD GT at SLW.

Values reported in this table are discussed in Materials and Methods. TBW, temperature of bottom water in SLW; TS1, equilibrium temperature of the deepest sensor on the lance of the GT; zS1, depth below the bottom of SLW.

Date, time
31 Jan 2013,
31 Jan 2013,
TBW (°C)−0.555−0.556±0.01
TS1 (°C)0.387−0.390±0.01
zS1 (m)0.810.78±0.08
ΔTz (°C/m)0.2070.213+0.04, −0.07
λ (W/m K)1.361.36±0.12
q (mW/m2)28029080