Table 2 The various contributions to the magnetic susceptibility of δ-Pu.

Embedded Image denotes the magnetic susceptibility associated with the magnetic 5f4 and 5f5 states of δ-Pu at room temperature as determined by our neutron spectroscopy measurements. Embedded Image gives the temperature-independent Van-Vleck contribution Embedded Image of the nonmagnetic 5f6 that is estimated from the published magnetic susceptibility of Am (see the text). The error bar for Embedded Image was estimated from the various values of the occupation of the 5f6 state of δ-Pu determined by different experiments (Table 1). The sum of both reproduces the static magnetic susceptibility χBulk of δ-Pu as measured by magnetic susceptibility reasonably well (22). All quantities are given in units of 10−4 cm3/mol.

Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageχBulk